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Sage is the leading producer of accountancy software.

Pittmans is a Kent-based company that specialises in all company accounts. A one man band businessman without any computer or accounting knowledge is as typical a client as is the large corporate business that wants to off-load a part of its book-keeping into safe hands.

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Twenty years of dealing with blue chip clients has given Pittmans a copper-bottomed background in the business world. A sense of humour helps too. Thus a friendly, straightforward language helps to put seemingly difficult situations into a more realistic perspective.The fundamental objective is to free your business from paperwork and let it get on with what it really should be doing.


We provide full computerised Book-Keeping Services, Payroll, V.A.T, Monthly Management Accounts, Profit & Loss and Trial Balance.

Our PAYROLL BUREAU service means we can run your payroll for you in a secure and cost effective way compliant with all UK Inland Revenue approved practices.


Pittmans Accounting Services trained one of our Directors who has no accounting experience or financial background whatsoever to use Sage. After a few afternoons of one to one training, in the comfort of our own office, on our own Sage package and helping set up our accounts, our Director is now able to carry out all the necessary tasks in Sage and pull our our P&L each month. Amazing!

Pierre Haincourt, Credit Limits International

Rating (Cost / Customer Service / Quality) : 5 / 5 / 5

Angela knows Sage inside out. When we first got Sage our accountants installed it but gave us no help in using it so it was worthless. With Angela's help our whole team quickly became au fait with Sage and we saw the full potential of its uses. When I started a new company the first person I called was Angela to get Sage set up again.” July 19, 2012

Sue at SAS Diving Limited